Libya ... from a State Sponsored Terrorism to a State Place of Terrorism

I do not think that Libya was originally a state that supported terrorism, as it was internationally classified, which angered the extremists, who are roaming Libya unconditionally and in a nation where creative chaos is left behind.

A system of The Sate of The Masses “ Jamahiriya” on the land of non-state in the traditional sense of political philosophy, a State without a “Political System and Regulation”, without a “Political Regimes and Regulations” and “Constitutions of Modern Society”.

Such as like in the Traditional Political System of the West in the “Presidents and the ministries and “parliament Systems”, Libya in its past and present followed by terrorism armed with weapons and equipment to pursue its objective worldwide.

“The Libyan armed people” a substitute to Conventional Military today are free of hardware Military means the system of the former State of The masses Jamahiriya agreed and indoctrinated in the revolutionary jurisprudence of September 1, 1969.

The attacks by Egyptian fighters on the Libyan soil are not aimed at eliminating terrorist elements the city of Derna, but rather It is a war on terrorism that has been going on for many years, like the war on the State Sponsored Terrorism that was on the list of the UN resolutions.

The speed of the movement of those who are leading today’s Libyan political policy in the Libyan state should be working to dismantle the policies under the guise of terrorism, which was taken from the heart of Libya and the grave of the Middle East that Libya is now pronounced a “Failed State” with no legal political system that works to curb international terrorism.

The concept of "dashing" in the minds of the fossilized until it became the greatest threat to the terrorist organizations of Al Qaeda and the spread of violence and murder and crime, which almost threatened the world with its prisoners.

The crimes of the Egyptian Minya was a factor in the bombing of the Libyan Military Camps in Libya and besieged under the misfortune of the terrorist nest that is nestled and taken from the Libyan city of Derna as a safe haven.

to say, that the Arab world is once again running behind what was formulated in the Arab-Islamic-American Summit of Riyadh in the Arabian Gulf, with Qatar's disagreement with the United States to curb terrorism, which resulted in the recent Bombing and killings of Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

The Riyadh Summit is a summit that distributes roles to Arab and Muslim leaders in re-establishing the concept of terrorism from State Sponsored Terrorism back then, which was supported by Arab and Islamic countries, to a picture differed at the Riyadh summit, which is working to fight the evils, sanctuaries, and immunity of terrorists who take off from the Arab- Islamic countries, and from the Western society that once were created!

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis