Egyptian air force fighter jets convicted of bombing Libya

Once again, Libya's cities have offered foreign targets, to carry out air strikes by the Egyptian air force on the sites of the Libyan armed groups, which are said to be supported by the Islamic State (Da'ash).

The Egyptian air force attack on Libya was in response to the Minya terrorist incident in which 28 people were killed and 24 others were injured after masked men opened fire on the group of Egyptian Copts on their way to a monastery in Upper Egypt, including children.

The Libyan Air Force, wherever it is located, has stood silently in front of outside intervention to strike the depth of Libya, in defiance of foreign forces, the sovereignty of the Libyan state in the security, lives, and lands of the Libyan people.

Libya may condemn the terrorist act on the lives of the pilgrims of Minya Copts, where the victims of the terrorist act suffered dozens of Egyptian Copts, but the attack on the Libyan city of Derna is considered a flagrant interference in the Libyan affairs and an offensive attack by an Arab country neighboring, which was supposed to work on Assisting Libya in its fight against terrorism spread throughout the Libyan homeland.

The state of Libya, which has national sovereignty, is working to combat terrorism in a way that will help eradicate it without external interference, which will undermine the intimate relations between the Arab and African Islamic neighbors.

Egypt's strong blows to the camps of terrorists in Libya is not the right response in the reaction to the Minya incident, but strikes that bring problems and caution between Libya and Arab Egypt, in the sense as Egypt did today will be condemned again, according to what worked and as it did because it was strikes without the assistance and coordination with the forces Armed Libyan in the process of military assistance and support as it should be.

The Libyan Arab Armed Forces should coordinate with the Libyan security services in a rapid action to secure the Libya, Libyan borders, and ports, which have become vulnerable to the infiltration and entry into the Libyan territory of the fleeing terrorist groups from Arab Egypt, which was present in Sanaa.

It is not so believed that Cairo is providing public support to the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifah Hafter, who is working to bring the views of the Tripoli government closer to the Government in the Libyan east. However, the action must be short-lived.

The security, safety, and stability of the Libyan state are not punishable by Egyptian air force fighter jets under the pretext of confronting the terrorist forces that infiltrated into the Libyan interior and hit it with Egyptian bombing planes. Egypt is a country facing terrorism where they are, it is the one that embraces the most terrorist forces inside its Egyptian territory.

The Egyptian state must confront terrorism in its strategic depth first and then proceed in dealing with cooperation with the Libyan state through the Libyan parliament and the government of al-Bayda in working to eliminate and eradicate terrorism from both neighboring countries.

The internal conflict in Libya between the Libyan armed militias, which have a lot of Libyan arms stockpiles and ammunition outside the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, is working on the chaos and instability of Libya and has opened up opportunities for terrorist groups to find their sanctuaries in Libya.

Egypt and Libya are paying the heavy dues of the innocents of the Libyan and Egyptian innocent citizens as a result of the armed military attacks on the two sides of the two neighboring countries.

By Ramzi Mavrakis