Libya become without democratic protection cover after the Riyadh summit

A trip into the heart of Libya's political crises makes Libya under the influence of the Riyadh Arab Islamic American Summit.

The role of Saudi Arabia lays in its ambitions of fighting terrorism and extremism after losing its leadership and political execution in the past period, due to the low oil prices and its turbulence in an endless conflict with Yemen and the dealing with current political file of Iran as to be considered the largest country in the Gulf region.

Libya's participation at the Saudi summit to confront a common enemy that is threatening them all, and to bring down all of the terrorism forms, types, and terrorist motives.

The summit can not compensate for the devastation that has afflicted Libya and its uncertain future, and the Libyan politicians do not know how to deal with the problem of terrorism except by demanding a basic membership in the World Center for Countering extremist thought.

Acts of violence against the Libyan crowd start with horrific scenes where there must be a warning and warning bells in several directions from the fields, streets, squares, villages and cities of Libya.

Libya was described as a democratic state determined to establish a state of justice and law, but the retreat from not solving the national democratic position is becoming to

disrupt the work of the country in the direction of the dismantling of the Libyan crises that ravages the country.

Libya today far from the scope of the Libyan democracy curriculum, which is a "shining light" in reviewing the Libyan political past and the current political situation Libya is facing in the midst of the constitutional legitimacy that Libyan people praising the state of Libyan national institutions.

Political strife and influence in Libya is a process of curbing the Libyan political arm of the various groups that demand the refusal of acceptance of the democratic game without balancing the expense of the homeland and the acceptance of others in Libyan political action.

Getting rid of the Salafist, Wahhabi and Islamic extremist groups is a bit from the United States, will cost the country and its people intolerable potentially problems because it is a gamble demanded by President Al- Sarraj of the National Reconciliation Government from the United States of America and some other Islamic and Arab countries.

Support to Libya with money and armaments that geared to confront those terrorist forces, they are like firefighters in fierce violently hostile with aggressive in temperament.

By Ramzi Halim Mavrakis