Corruption in Libya has a strong status destroying the capabilities of the Libyan state

((And what I have established myself that the soul of the Emirate of evil, but the mercy of my Lord)) Yusuf: 53

The circulation of words and phrases about corruption in Libya happens when the people are being equal in terms of accurate corruption as individuals, States, parties and official bodies.

However, corruption in Libya has become familiar with its own affairs, such as the fate of the honorable gain. The truth has not changed in its Libyan social status.

Corruption needs to have fertile ground; it extends in the lives of human beings, so-called lies of life, and the weakness of the power of human souls made to spoil the earth, so it would spread in the institutions of the State Libya and satellite channels and newspapers and radio stations and audio, so that corruption is only a popular and unreliable; Working onto built up to increase corruption in Libya!

Corruption takes the form of the money of manufactured and inflated phrases through some segments of Libyan society because of weakness in their consciousness, and other groups that hide them. They use expressions of rampant corruption, the illusion of falsehood, and lies about the existence of rampant corruption in the pillars of Libyan society.

If the segment of corruption in Libya is exempted from the corruption itself because of the poor awareness of individuals, the other segment is nothing more than a container to cover up the corruption rampant in the pillars of the Libyan state, a tenant of stolen and looted money.

The two extremes of corruption may shift national attitudes, from reform to corruption and from corruption to reform in a short period of time, to a strategy of their own;

The segment of corruption has a willingness to promote, deceive, overthrow and blur the truth by describing the daytime a night, black as a white and false as right ... What is important is the quality of this human being in how to get the money that spoiled them.

It does not require us to know what is rampant corruption in the country, it is corruption in it, as well as the promotion and marketing and media outlets and glorified acts and acts of corruption, the sun does not need to gossip media prove to people:

The work in the fight against corruption does not require the words inflated, and the promises made, and the same is true that can not obliterate the reality of Libyan society and we can not do that self-do good for the Libyan society.

Witten by: Ramzi Halim Mavrakis
Libyan Businessman a resident in the United States.