Libya .. Cyrenaica

إقليم برقة الليبي

Barka of Libya

Cyrenaica territory tenderly waving to refer the legitimate constitution

The declaration of a federal state from the east of Libya is to be Libya a federal state when the world recognized in the steps of the great history of the Libyan nation, which restore the constitutional assets of the legitimacy of the Constitution of the fifty-one, which takes the city of Benghazi as an “Economic Capital”.

Libya's politically weakened state between the internal forces of conflict makes the international community recognize that Libya is originally a federal state and there is no escaping the restoration of Libya's constitutional legitimacy, which was approved by the international community through the United Nations, which passed Libya's first legitimate constitution.

During the Libyan coexistence between the East and the West and the South of Libya, it was necessary for these difficult circumstances that pass the second date of the Libyan Independence as the State of Libya.

Giving Libya another opportunity to form a Libyan federal state far away from the abhorrent centralization of all sovereign institutions.

The province of Baraka “Cyrenaica” is a strategic bloc in a historic territory that stretches between the highlands and coasts of Libya extending to the south and west of the Libyan desert and has the Libyan tribal weight that calls for the return of the authority of the Libyan territory to it in a unified federal state.

Political decisions and political failures and failures that are working to set back the modern Libyan state in the variety of everyday life that makes it vulnerable to international interference in the affairs of internal Libyan affairs.

The lack of full awareness and political maturity of the Libyan politicians nowadays and the existence of wisdom of the former political leaders of the founding fathers of the state of independence.

But what is the importance of the experiences of the lives of the first founding fathers of Libya, who have set their struggle in the records of Libyan history, to be our Sate of Libya that calling us to abide by them and to share the concerns of the Libyan nation and to offer to the emerging generations better socio-economic and political life.

The spread of horizons before us to learn the history of our ancestors, ancestors who abolished the intolerance and persecution behind.

The choices of good thinking, which works on the formation of the Libyan personality integrated between the East and West and North and South in the land which our country Libya in a constitutional rule includes everyone.

The alliance under the Libyan national framework is work to bring everyone closer to a political system away from ideological differences.

Libyan national coalition has no factor of exclusion, acquisition, and arbitrariness, but of a Libyan national character that works on the political, social and economic participation between the three regions constitutionally and in true national rapprochement and cohesion.

The homeland of Libya is a homeland for all, with all rights and duties. It is a homeland for all, with all and for all, a homeland that recognizes the distribution of good things to the needy, the orphan and the passers-by.

The homeland where the oppressed, as well as the grievances, are victorious and the refugees are returned back to their country Libya.

A homeland that forbids corruption and heresy and respects human dignity and private property to protect the public property from thieves and criminals. Security and stability and security in the ports and borders of the neighborhood is a must.

But these are the choices of the Libyan citizen and not the choices of those who govern them by coercion, arbitrariness, and persecution outside the constitutional texts,.

The Libyan Original Constitution of the year 1951 is a living document which approves the instructions that we are all working to bring the Libyan reunification into a national fold integrated with national rights and duties.

For many years we have been remembering what has been written in the history of Libya to become the writings that once again show us the window of glories and heroism of the great men of Libyans in national political thought and experience

Written by: Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Libyan businessman, resident in the United States.