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A Muslim whoterrifiedthe whole of Europe


That date is talking about and I am not when Matt brow Commander Mansour rejoiced news of her death all of Europe and of the foreigners came up Commander Alfonso to his grave and monument on his grave where large 350339853 tent bed of gold above the tomb of Al-Mansur and Nam eyebrow and leaning against his wife they become weary them ecstatic death leader of Islamic armies in Andalusia under the dirt, said Alfonso either see me today may possess Muslim Arabs!! And I sat on the grave of the greatest leaders said one of those and God had breathed the grave to leave us one alive and our decision does not established the anger of Alfonso and pulled his sword on the speaker even caught his arm and said he believed aivkhr like us to sleep over his grave!! God this make even honor his death cannot defeat, history records a victory of his Mitt scandalous as made and blessed him sleeping under the throne of Kings

Eyebrow Mansour was born in 326 a.h., South of Al-Andalus came Muslim army volunteer and became police chief in Cordoba for his courage and then became Advisor to the rulers of Al-Andalus acumen then Emir of Al-Andalus and the Commander of the Islamic armies fought armies 54 battle defeated all of them and not fall down and defeat him his ran over his territory was conquered by the Muslim never feet

* The largest victories conquest ' Leon ' where European forces gathered with armies of Lyon, killing most of the leaders of these countries and their armies and ordered the Azan prayer in this city the tyrant he was collecting dust his clothes after each battle and after all land open and ears and collects dust in vials recommended that buries the bottle with him to be a witness on account displays

The West and the Franks not hostility of many killing of their masters and their leaders have fought them 30 years going heavy fighting not resting must not leave them to rest was descended from horseback and riding a horse most of Europe was war all shiver from fear and their elders by small teams up to the parents if they wanted to scare the child from going out at night that they intimidated him with eyebrow Mansour goes child to bed and sleeps

What a man!! God's mercyis.

Was Mansur invited God that eyebrow die mujahidin as hopes have died since passed it in March for the invasion of France borders where he was when he died 60 years spent 30 years in the Jihad and Mansour went to meet his Lord, his name will remain immortal with the names of heroes in Muslim history and was intended to open the southern France cities through penetration (the Pyrenees), do you know why Alfonso Commander the foreigners set up tent on his grave now!!!!!!!! I've cited in his pocket flask carry dust battles and conquering Muslims died and his body bearing wounds battles fought for God it was hard for Rob and him not intercede him to enter paradise