Time has come Americans!

Time has come to “Make America Great Again”  by putting America First on top of the list we need to do the following:

Creating for Americans new jobs, bring US Corporations back to this country, secure our borders by building the wall and make them pay it we all know that a country without borders is not a nation.

Deregulating US Economy, giving more incentives for small business the backbone of  our driving engine of the United States economy.

Repealing and nullifying Obama health care through the Affordable Care Act, to fight terrorism, to block illegal migrates, to curb the increase in federal minimum wage that drives inflation up leading the country in deeper recession until we reach a flat recession,

Cut on taxation to have more disposable income to save and spend on personal families wants and needs. 

The only way to do that is to put an end to Hillary Clinton from assuming the office of the Presidency.

Americans need to stop and think and make the best and right decision and cast their vote on November 8th for the one who is a more capable leader that possess the quality necessary to achieve the “American Dreams” A new President of United States of America Mr. Donald J Trump.

Supported by: Ramzi Mavrakis


October 13, 2016