Dramatic same presidential debate

Strength of America was not shown to overcome the turbulent

The second presidential debate between the two candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton has riveted the two nominees to the same personal crash leaving the major issues not tackled by either one.

A debate showed a series of personal attacks between the two candidates because there was a commitment from moderators to do so and was narrowed down to this direction.

Millions of viewers all over the world tuned to watch the strength of the American democracy in tackling its current and most important political issues that this nation is facing as well as the rest of world.

Trump was all alert to take action to defend oneself on the stage while Hillary was enjoying seeing herself as the winner of the personal attacker on second debate.

The two presidential candidates did not shake hands nor did they start to approach each other with the good well to represent Americans people, but instead play the role of gamesters to win the American voters' ballot in November.

The debate was not long and in depth on political policies that concerns the nation well being as far as taxation, tariffs, illegal migrants, foreign relations, regulations and violence and the future direction of this nation to meet unforeseen disastrous.

It was the flaw of the moderators that presented the questions to the candidates to debate the issues of personal problems of both nominees of this country.

By: Ramzi Mavrakis

Columbia, Missouri