First debate of the vice presidential Candidates of the United States

 (The Democrats using "Soft Political Diplomacy" and the Republicans using "Strategy of a Superpower Nation." )

The first televised debate of the 2016 VP nominees between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence indicated the predicted American future where ideas and opinions had put forward to the world.

The position of Vice President is one of the most important pillars of the new American Administration in helping the renewal of an American political policy internally and externally.

An American political policy can be either be based on a "Soft Political Diplomacy" in dealings when conditions are free from violence, aggression, and extortion, or it can be dealt with the “Strategy of a Superpower Nation”, when undesired conditions to be dealt that requires the nation to attack opponents of the uncivilized world and bring law and orders in place.

It is the United States of America, in which Domestic and Foreign Political Policy is formulated to path the way in determining the future of this country .

And with the help of the American Democratic Institutions which will establish a “Strategic Political Policy” to serve the common good of the whole world as well as the US citizens of the United Stats of America in order for us to make progress and advancements.

The debate between Democratic Senator Tim Kaine (Virginia) and governor (Indiana) Republican Mike Pence was hosted by Longwood University in Virginia, USA.

Senator Kaine of Virginia is a democrat, such as counterpart of the Republicans is indicating to use “Soft approach” in dealing with the situations that the world is facing.

In contrary, Governor Mike Pence is in cohesion policy with the future President of United State of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

A strategy which is known as the “Strategy of a Superpower Nation” to put America First, and “Make America Great Again” force the “Strategy of a Superpower Nation”, to solve the internal and external crises of this Nation “ America”.

By. Ramzi Mavrakis