Diplomacy expires with the end of President Obama term:
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ... The first US presidential debate

Americans at home have captured the many of the thorny issues that have the many controversial and difficulties concern about the status of superpower country of the United States of America.

Both candidates lay out their vision for what is the best interest to serve Americans internally and abroad with issues that cover important dealing.

The conflict between the two candidates is a real struggle directed between the Republican Party and Democratic Party to serve faithfully the interest of the American people and the early retrieval of the American forces from the Middle East is not a sign of peace in the world today.

The American next president Donald J Trump called upon the allies in the Middle East the need to pay money to the United States of America for protection from the forces of terrorism, which eat away the body and the structural government of the Middle Eastern country.

But Hillary was and remains committed to dealing with the terrorist forces in a diplomatic way and pledges US commitment to a mutual defense treaty with its allies without financial compensation.

Trump said that the administration of President Obama has been in charge of the emergency sprung up of ISIS organization of the Islamic state on the surface when the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

The region is to continue to live in this creative chaos if Clinton does not have a clear plan on countering extremist organization because she was with President Obama in office.

The era of diplomatic powers in dealing with the current events in the world has ended up with a final stage of the presidency of Barack Obama and the entry of the new American and "Great Again America" has started with a new strong being in the white house Donald J Trump.

Written by: Ramzi Mavrakis