If I ask you a question about which is more similar to you, the moon or the star? Maybe I won't know the answer because it's confusing, if I tell you that you are similar to the moon, you are really like it, illuminating the darkness and there is nothing like you in the sky, you remain illuminated in the dark sky, and you look like a star too, you look like it because you have a special shine that is not like any other, so you look like them both, I want to tell you that you are always in my heart and occupy my mind most of the time, I hope you are not sad because your heart is like child's heart so sadness can stay in it easily. you are rarely calm, if you are worried about something I hope you calm down and try not to worry about many things that no one knows the fate of, maybe the coming days will be better, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, I hope you are just calm not sad or pessimistic. You've never been stingy with me with your beautiful words in comforting me when I'm sad.