Every time despair fills my heart and hope goes away, but when I remember that you just exist, you probably don't know how hope is born again. I do not know the reason for this and I do not know the secret that you have, perhaps your charming smile is the reason for the renewal of hope in those who see you, try not to hide your charming smile at all so as not to deprive those around you of renewed hope in them. You don't know what I felt every time I saw your charming smile was making my day and maybe it will become one of my best days, I remember every day and every time I saw you smile, I hope one day I tell you all that and how your charming smile was the reason for my happiness, I know that I never smiled at you and look like an idiot because I am shy and I don't know if my smile will bother you or not, but I promise you after I could distinguish you, I'll smile at you, but it won't be as charming as yours.