The most popular traditional Moroccan Sweets is Mulhalbia. It is a kind of orange blossom crème brûlée that represents a rich cultural heritage created over the course of history by the fusion of Mediterranean, Arab and Berber cultures.

This dessert is one of the few exceptions among typical Moroccan desserts that do not contain fresh or dried fruit with honey, ground almonds or rose water.

Mulhalbia is not only one of the most famous desserts in the West, but it often steals the show from the delicious Moroccan pastries that are so generous and a symbol of this local cuisine. The most famous Moroccan pastries are, of course, the gazelle horns – “kaab el ghzal” – seffa, as well as baklava, which is popular throughout the Middle East and even in the Balkans.

Not to be missed on your next trip to this fragrant country, here’s a list of traditional Moroccan sweets you can enjoy without going hungry: