Welcome to Morocco Landscape tours . In Our travel agency we have many options when it comes to the MOROCCO TOURS you can choose from. Thanks to the diversity of the nature and the culture of Morocco, each person can find their favorite type of tours once they start browsing through our services.


Our agency can offer private tours that take the span of few days; some even extend to fifteen days. These tours usually visit imperial cities like CASABLANCA, Rabat, FEZ, TANGIER and MARRAKECH.

These Moroccan cities are all very rich in terms of the history behind them, the lifestyles of people who live them, and the fun activities that you as a visitor can have in them.

The landscape morocco.com tours also visit places like coasts, beaches, mountains, Forests, valleys and the desert. The natural landscapes of Morocco are truly fascinating. The desert for example is a place you don’t want to miss when you’re in this country, especially the CAMEL TREKKING experience and the night of the Berber music with the local nomads in the desert camp, which is situated in the middle of the desert.