Our agency “Camel Trekking in Merzouga” welcomes you to Morocco! Our professional travel agency is our family business; we are Berber locals, who’ve decided that the best way to serve our country is by organizing tours that allow the tourists to discover the beauty and magic of our lands.

The morocco camel tours is our home; our family has been living in there since we were children. Therefore, we know all the hidden secrets of the desert and all the interesting places, which other agencies, perhaps, might not be aware of.

With our agency, you can learn a lot about the culture of the desert including the nomadic lifestyle that many Moroccans still preserve.

The aim of “merzouga camel ride” is to make each visitors experience in Morocco unforgettable. We are very proud of our lands and our culture, that’s why we want to share it with the world.

My name is Mustapha, and our travel agency is grateful for the richness of our homeland.