Spanning the whole northwest corner of Africa, Morocco is huge. Across its landscape of mountains, desert, lush plains, and unique cities, the choices for the best places to visit here are hard to narrow down. But unless you have endless vacation time, you have to. That’s where planning comes in. With some research and choosing the right route, it is possible to see a lot of the country on a two week Morocco itinerary.

Our morocco trip itinerary 12-day was just 14 days. We had 12 days of actual sightseeing plus a day on either end for transit. In those days, we covered a lot of ground, driving from the Atlantic coast of Casablanca east all the way to the desert where we could see Algeria in the distance. We had some days with short trips and other days with much longer journeys, but all the destinations were worth the effort and the planning.

There are a few important considerations beyond which cities to add to your Morocco travel itinerary.