Part 1

It was long ago that I have started to believe that people do not want equality! And by no intentions I mean equality between genders or races or even equality of religion; it seems to me that the equality that people hate and try to drive them self as far as possible from is the idea of being socially equal. People of this age and probably of all ages enjoy and desire the social structures we have put our self into, a social hierarchy. Of course it is not fun to be at the bottom of this social permed, but it is sure enjoyable to clime that ladder of success! I believe that is what people want. They don’t want to see others be socially better than them without any work or sweat! Humans understand very well that, and that this social pyramid does not represent equality by any means; but they chose to live in this hierarchy because they enjoy it.

During my sociology class today, our lecturer, Professor Bruce Ravelli, talked to us about capitalism and how it’s not a fair treat for people, how did Karl Marx came up with communism in order to give each worker a very justified payout in return of the amount of work one might do. Yet communism has failed; it showed how people miss use the system, how they take advantages of plot holes in the system into their regards. Corruption has spread in all of the communist countries, not only that but almost all of them have turned to a dictatorship. Although, communism was found for the people to have justice; most likely if we asked someone whom really believes in communism about one word to describe communism, it would be ‘Justice.’ Yet every time, people chose to live in a very unequal system where some of them have to work for tons of hours to get as little pay as they can get; and few others enjoy working less than twelve hours a week with being at the top of the payroll. People chose that and although the ones who are suffering at the bottom of the pyramid are most likely to dislike that way of living yet their minds change when they start to advance in that system and get more advantages, I would even say they would most likely like the system when one of their peers fails or even remain in the same social position as them. And why is that?

Well I believe that people are driven by an inner mind that refuses not be better than the next person, some may call it ego or greed. I call it human interest in competition, Primitiveness. It is not the idea of just being better than whom is next, but also to enjoy it. As a very socialised creators, we try to make our self out of the boredom circle by doing things that are fun to us; Either on a very small scale such as between siblings or in a large ones like playing the wall street.

Ibrahim Salem