Oh God..

Return this body to you

Put light between your hands

For fire can easily mix with light

Oh God..

Destroed me to what the universe needs 

Is it not you who created me!

from the first touch!

Carry me the same way..

This is my face in front of you, sympathize with it..

Then touch my head kindly..

I guarantee you thousands of righteous deeds.

And I'll say: my great God…please forgive me.

Then, these good deeds will be my own.

Does that make you angry?

Aren't we one?

Then, who will be proud?

When I see you, would I be proud of the greatness behind me?

Or would you be shy because of the misery you caused?

Oh God..

In this shitty world

I saved many prayers for you

I only have one demand

When I meet you,

please change the rules of the game,

Throw the dice again..

put me somewhere else..

Make me your soul, or a river in paradise

Or Adam's apple, or the right-straight path.

Then if I want to disappear..

I'll throw myself in hell!