Q1- Let's begin with the most important question now, Timo Werner, how much is the probability of his move to Liverpool, is Liverpool the favourite destination for Werner? and is there a strong competitor for the Reds?

Timo Werner would certainly have liked to take the next step to a top club in Germany. FC Bayern was already interested last season, but did not become concrete in the end. For Bayern Leroy Sané is priority this season for the offensive. In Germany, Werner would only switch to Bayern. At his club in Leipzig, it is already assumed that he will leave the club in the summer. Therefore, only abroad is currently an option for Werner. Liverpool has two major advantages. On the one hand, Liverpool is one of the absolute top clubs in Europe. On the other hand, Werner would get Klopp, a German trainer who can give him a good feeling for his first step abroad. Klopp was also interested in Werner's transfer last season. At that time, however, the talks were never concrete. Now Klopp wants to meet the player for a personal conversation. The conditions for moving from Werner to Liverpool are extremely positive. The Reds are currently my favorite for Werner's signing.

Q2- Does Liverpool have real interest in Sancho? and were there any negotiations between Liverpool and Dortmund for the young star?

The bosses of Dortmund assure that so far there have been no negotiations about Sancho with clubs from the Premiere League. That means: neither with Liverpool nor with Manchester United. At Dortmund, however, there is a decision: The club would like to keep Sancho for at least one season. If he would be sold, it would only be for an extremely high transfer fee, such as Dortmund received from FC Barcelona for Dembele. I think this could be difficult in Corona times, even for Premiere League clubs. I spoke to BVB-Captain Marco Reus recently. He advises Sancho to stay in Dortmund for another year. That would certainly be good for his development.

Q3- Several news appeared recently linking Liverpool to 23-year-old Werder Bremen striker Milot Rachika - How true is this news? Are the Reds Really Interested in Rachika?

Rashica would certainly fit well into the Liverpool system. The clause for a purchase over 38 million euros shouldn't be a big problem for Liverpool. But: Liverpool will not buy Werner AND Rashica. Rashica is an interesting option if Werner doesn't decide for the Reds. Liverpool is in charge of the decision. Because: Leipzig is very interested in Rashica as a replacement for Werner.

Q4- There is another player who has reported that he is on Liverpool radar, Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder Denis Zakaria, Is there real interest from the Reds?

Liverpool is in contact with Zakaria's agent. So far there have been no concrete negotiations. Not even with Gladbach. Fact is: If Liverpool pays the required price for Zakaria, Liverpool would probably get the player. So far, Liverpool does not seem to have made a decision about Zakaria

Q5- another player from the Bundesliga that has always been linked to Liverpool, Kai Havertz - Have the Reds shown real interest in the player? We also read that his price does not attract Liverpool or Bayern Munich, will Bayer Leverkusen accept to reduction the price and negotiation?

Even Liverpool FC cannot buy the whole Bundesliga empty. According to my information, FC Bayern is still the number one option for Havertz. Bayern and Leverkusen are still in close contact, the bosses Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Rudi Völler are old friends. It is not certain whether the transfer will happen this summer. The corona crisis makes such expensive transfers difficult. Leverkusen wants over 100 million euros for the player. But: Havertz wants to change this summer. If Bayern does not get serious, Liverpool will have a great chance. But the question is also for the Reds: Does the club want to pay such a high transfer fee for a German talent? I honestly can't imagine it. Arsenal should also be interested. Arsenal would need Havertz more urgently than Liverpool, perhaps the Gunners pay this crazy price.

Q6- Let's go back a bit to the past, to one of Jürgen’s biggest first attempts at the transfer market with Liverpool, an attempt to bring Mario Gotze, what hindered the deal? And is it possible or did Jurgen show any sign of his return to try to bring Mario who will be free this summer?

At that time, Klopp was actually interested in buying Mario Götze. According to my information, Götze was even in Liverpool to visit the club and the training grounds. For a short time it looked as if the transfer would work. However, there were also doubts within the Götze family. His girlfriend is said not to have been thrilled to live in Liverpool. In addition, his family apparently saw a better chance of marketing the “Götze brand” better in Germany. For Mario it certainly played a role that he came home to his former club Dortmund after his difficult time at Bayern. He probably saw an easier new start there. All of these reasons were probably crucial.

Q7- Finally, there is news recently emerged that Jurgen Klopp wanted by DFB to lead Germany NT in the 2022 World Cup. How true are these rumors, especially after Jurgen just renewed his contract a short time ago? Does the 'Deutscher Fußball-Bund' want Klopp so much?

I am absolutely certain: DFB wants Klopp and Klopp wants to become coach of the german national team. The question is: can both find the right time? I honestly don't think Klopp will fulfill his contract in Liverpool. He has certainly signed the contract to work with no pressure on this topic. If he will win the champions league, he had achieved all goals in Liverpool. He will certainly remain Liverpool manager as long as it is a challenge for him. But at some point he will look for the next challenge. And the biggest one for him is: National coach of Germany. No one can say today whether both parties will be able to get together for the 2022 World Cup.