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The chairman of the "Arab century," Center for Studies in Riyadh Saad bin Omar, Saudi Arabia's intention to create a channel freely project is the largest of its kind in the region will contribute to the provision of shipping lane for the countries in the region away from the Strait of Hormuz and will provide more than a million jobs for Yemenis

The son of Omar prepare an integrated study to link the Arabian Gulf sea the Arabian Sea through a canal.

He said, "Ibn 'Umar": "This research project we call it the name of" Arabian Canal ", and finally we called the name" channel Salman; "after the name of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, which we hope that the implementation of the project completed in his reign."

"The study is based on a main path and alternate tracks, Valguenah in the master plan begins from the Persian Gulf from the part of the Kingdom Creek many heading to the Arabian Sea, a length of 950 km."

And Abizaid: "From here you can the State of Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait to export its oil through this channel to the Arabian Sea, away from the Strait of Hormuz, and preliminary studies indicate that the channel with a total length of 950 km, and extends in Saudi Arabia, land of 630 km, and in the territory of Yemen 320 km, The channel width of 150 meters, and depth of 25 meters. "

And across the head of the center for hope in case the project is completed, will help return life to the Empty Quarter, and that the establishment of hotels and tourist resorts on the banks of the canal, as well as the sufficiency Kingdom of Fisheries establishment of fish farms on the sides, and the creation of lakes linked to the channel for this purpose, in addition to energy projects and desalination of water and the construction of multi-residential cities, more than that someday originated on Tapline line in the north of the Kingdom.

He said: "Channel will add a thousand and 200 km of clean and brilliant coast in the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia, while the Yemeni side, it will provide at least one million jobs for the duration of the project building, and will add to Yemen more than 700 km of coastline to be established by cities and resorts, especially that the channel will go through desert areas and restore interest in them. "

And the difficulties that may be encountered in the project; Saad bin Omar said: "the channel has a key path and two Ahtaatian, for example, there is a reserve path with the Sultanate of Oman substitute for Yemen in the event of political instability, which is certainly a great opportunity for the development of eastern Yemen, and increase the state's income and the citizen on the extent Whether ".

He added: "The problem facing the channel is on the rise, especially in the Yemeni part (or Oman), or higher, rising in Saudi territory is 300 meters above sea level, while the Yemeni side or Oman in some locations to 700 meters above sea level."

And Abizaid: "abbreviated vessels transiting the Canal toward the Arabian Sea to half the distance, and a little more than sailing through the Strait of Hormuz."

He said, "Ibn 'Umar": "With regard to the financial cost and favorable environment to work in this giant project, preliminary estimates indicate that $ 80 billion for the entire channel, which it is proposed to form an independent body from the two countries; the establishment and operation with a joint capital, taking into account the sovereignty of States."

He added: "Now the environment is valid to start working; because a lot of Saudi companies on the verge of completing its mandated projects and owns equipment and trained labor able to do the construction, drilling, and estimated that all the work be completed within five years."

And Abizaid: "The Saudi side will include 20 tunnels for cars and pedestrians, as well as three residential cities and towns planning industrial zones, and multiple lakes on both sides of the channel for fish farms and maintenance of ships."