Do not hurt your heart and cause the old age early, life does not need you not satisfied.!Do not make your age stand waiting for one, and do not spend a remorse on Mavat, and do not regret the beautiful planted to anyone did not bear fruit, and do not grieve on a command written by God on you even though ..! It is one life we will live and then die, learn how to make it simple fun and never take it seriously, do not change your printing to satisfy them, do not change your voice to admire them, not to violate your principle of their consent, do not be satisfied to get their satisfaction, you have a special fingerprint and flavor to satisfy the Lord of the Worlds.

He who loves you will give you the right to differ from him, and whoever does not love you, there is no need for you to be satisfied with you ...

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May Allah delight your hearts and your times with good and happiness.