Through my experience of basic life support, where I have and others who are practicing the important courses that are given to individuals concerned to provide health care to people, and it is important for anyone in a group, everyone is liable to happen to us an accident or injury and others must be apostasy Medical action. Keep the life of the injured until the arrival of the Red Crescent and the Almighty said (and those who revive it as if all the people lived) Surat Almayd.

The importance of this course is highlighted by the importance of BLS in reviving the heart and lungs and providing the brain with the heart and brain with blood and oxygen, thus increasing the survival chances of the injured.

The life of the injured person may depend on what can be provided by the people close to him when he is injured. This course comes to give the trainees or people a chance to save a human life and give him the chance to return to life again.

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Pulmonary Resuscitation / Fahad Al Zamam Al Mousa